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Accurate, and expertly organized, our SEO Audits point out actionable findings on dozensof the most critical technical SEO metrics. Receive a Visual Report, a Spreadsheet, and an optional 1-Hour SEO Consultation with one of Kayak’s top SEO experts to review your site audit’s findings and point out priority items.

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We crawl your site checking for these factors and many more (roughly 300 actually), and present a comprehensive, actionable report on our findings.

  • Link issues
  • Redirect issues
  • Indexability
  • Images with missing alt text
  • Resource URL has repetition
  • Resource URL has whitespace
  • Time on page < 10s*
  • Canonicalized with traffic*
  • Not Found with traffic*
  • Only desktop search traffic*
  • Bounce rate > 80%*
  • Only mobile search traffic*
  • No desktop search traffic*
  • No mobile search traffic*
  • No tablet search traffic*
  • No conversions*
  • Compress text content
  • Avoid character set in meta
  • Avoid empty src and href
  • Set cache headers
  • Avoid (4XX) and (5XX)
  • Avoid URL redirects
  • Small CSS responses
  • Page Resources
  • Site Speeds
  • Mobile Rendering
  • Search Traffic*
  • AMP*
  • International
  • XML Sitemaps
  • External
  • Minify CSS URLs
  • Minify JavaScript URLs
  • Total CSS small
  • Small total image size
  • Total page size desktop
  • Total page size mobile
  • Content does not scale
  • Use legible font sizes
  • (5XX) URLs in Sitemaps
  • Optional: recurring
  • Optional: consulting

*Google Analytics and Google Search Console access required for Search Traffic and AMP data.


Money-back guarantee: If we cannot run your technical audit for any reason, we will refund your money.