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Are you paying your SEOs to fail?

I usually try to focus on solid advice and real world case studies meant to be helpful to business owners, marketing executives, and even other marketers. But today I want to share what search engine optimization (SEO) failure looks like.

My hope is that some of you will see this story and avoid making the same kinds of mistakes.

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3 Signs You Need a Website Technical SEO Audit

Ever get the sneaking suspicion your website isn’t built as well as it could be? Or wonder why you aren’t getting more visits from Google or Bing than you used to? Maybe you just want to double check if that SEO specialist you’ve been paying is worth the money?

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Your HTTPS Upgrade Could Put Your Search Rank in Danger

This is the second article in our three-part series about how to do a site-wide update without demolishing your search ranking. We’ve previously discussed how to excel when launching a comprehensive redesign; in this post, we’d like to tell you how to successfully migrate your site to HTTPS.

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Rebuild Your WebSite Without Demolishing Your Search Ranking

Like a lot of marketers, you keep an eye on your analytics and user flows. And, you’ve probably spotted some inefficiencies in your site. So you might be itching to start a redesign project or you might even be in the middle of an overhaul. Let’s do it right.

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